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Mark Alford Home Studio

Mark Alford- Anchor, WDAF in Kansas City creates his own home studio and a new show for kids

“I’m in the process of setting up a studio in my basement using old set pieces I dug out of our dumpster last year when we built a new set here at WDAF. No one has asked me to do this but I figure I’ll be ready.

In the meantime I’m doing a daily kids show from my home every weekday at two pm to give parents a break. I read to kids and take them on virtual field trips to learn about Kansas City history etc.
It’s all under the hashtag
As I see it, I have never taken my responsibilities as a tv journalist more seriously. We operate under the communications act of 1934…. in the public’s interest. The airwaves belong to the people. It’s our job to inform and educate them on the air. On-line, I’m building a new audience of young people and helping their parents have a little break from the insanity of confinement.”

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