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Experience You Can Trust

  • Rosa Flores
    Trabajar con el Grupo NWT es como estar en familia. Siempre está alguien allí para tí.
  • Crystal Egger
    NWT has done an excellent job of representing me and taking my career to the next level. They'll fight until you find the perfect match. They are there when you need them most, they are hard-working, supportive and loyal!
  • Eric King
    I've been with NWT for more than 5 years, and I'm Nancy's only client. At least, it feels that way. From day one, I've had her full attention. She's gone to bat for me, coached/critiqued, and gave me the confidence to not only land big jobs, but to excel in them. The added benefit, with Nancy comes Linda. NWT has been my armor since we began our relationship.
  • Brad Stephens
    I’ve been represented by other agencies… I talked with them more in my first month than I ever talked with my previous agents.
  • Randy Mac
    Unlike a lot of agencies, NWT’s representation wasn’t just based on my professional goals- my priority is my family and NWT worked to secure my family’s happiness.
  • Nestor Flecha
    Tu agente no sólo se encarga de tu contrato, es tu coach y amigo
  • Kerry Kavanaugh
    When I started reporting, I was literally in a closet with little or no feedback. When I joined The NWT Group all that changed.
  • Polo Sandoval
    A true pleasure working with, and being represented by, the professionals at NWT. It’s been a source of valuable insight on the ever-changing media landscape.
  • Susanna Song
    What I appreciate about NWT is their wealth of TV news knowledge. They go beyond negotiating contracts and finding you jobs...and they will help you become a better journalist.
  • Ryan Wolf
    At NWT, you're not just a client, you're family!  You not only get the best possible contract, but the professional guidance to grow with this ever-changing profession.
  • Brandi Cummings
    Having an agency like NWT represent you means knowing that someone always has your back. I don't just talk to my agent Dave during negotiations. We talk at least once a week about everything! He is concerned about me as a whole and not just as a journalist.
  • Jeff Butera
    The NWT Group aren’t just agents; they’re career counselors, coaches and all-around good people who want the best for their clients.
  • Andrew Capasso
    I wouldn't be where I am, living my dream job, if it wasn't for NWT. It's easily the best career decision I've made.
  • Briana Bermensolo
    After signing with the NWT group three years ago, my career has skyrocketed. The NWT agents offer combined knowledge of the business and their contacts are invaluable. I love NWT!
  • Angelina Armendariz
    NWT es una pieza importante en mi carrera como periodista. Siempre aprendo obteniendo más experiencia que llevaré conmigo toda la vida.
  • Shannon Miller
    What an asset...I have a knowledgeable, trustworthy agent, an encouraging coach, friend, and mentor that I count on for professional advice.
  • Jonah Kaplan
    The NWT Group is more than an agency - my agent is my greatest asset to growing as a journalist, as a communicator, and as an individual.
  • Natalie Swaby
    From live shots and stand ups to wardrobe and make up, NWT continues to offer constructive advice from industry pros.
  • Norma Garcia
    NWT es símbolo de experiencia, profesionalismo y dedicación por sus clientes. Ha sido una de mis mejores desiciones.
  • Dr. Jim Siebert
    The NWT Group really cares about the people they represent and it shows in how they approach my career-- keeping in mind my personal goals as well as professional ambitions.
  • Lindsey Fukano
    NWT has given me newfound motivation to take my career to the next level, and I couldn't be more grateful for all that my agent has done, and continues to do for me!
  • Rick Mitchell
    NWT has been phenomenal for me. Their experience and professionalism set them ahead of all the others. They have proven to me they care about my well-being as much as I do.
  • Bianca Castro
    The NWT team is more than just an agency. They are a team of mentors who help craft the skills needed to succeed. They also become family who truly care about the happiness of their clients.
  • Maureen McCann
    I have been with NWT for over 10 years and am thankful for the career advancements they have assisted me with. The personal connections they have with news directors around the country is a distinct advantage; it has led me to opportunities in desirable markets.
  • Brendaliss Gonzalez
    My agent at NWT hasn’t just helped me land the next job; she constantly invests the time to challenge me to become a stronger, well-rounded reporter that sticks out of the pack.

No Whining Talent is more than a slogan…it’s the foundation and premise our agency was built on more than a decade ago. NWT represents some of the industry’s top anchors, reporters, MMJ’s, meteorologists, producers, and hosts at local stations, and in network newsrooms.

Our reputation and unparalleled track record of success creates incredible access to hiring newsroom managers and confidential search information…providing a tremendous competitive advantage for our clients.

Full Service Agency

NWT is a full-service agency representing anchors, reporters, meteorologists and hosts at local stations and network newsrooms.


NWT is a team of veteran news directors, newsroom managers, and on air major market talent with decades of expertise to provide critiques, coaching, and career development.


NWT’s reputation as News Directors with a “great eye for talent” provides a competitive advantage for our clients to open doors by creating unmatched contacts, access to hiring managers, and confidential search information.

Track Record

The NWT “Placements Page” documents our track record of outstanding results working with clients to help them secure career advancement into more competitive markets, including major markets and the networks.

About Us

NWT is a very different type of agency, an agency centered on personalized “one-on-one” career counseling, coaching, and expert guidance from some of the industry’s best news directors and agents who mentor the next generation of journalists, and hosts to be ready for today’s new media challenges.